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Career Opportunities


Why Use Us?

We strive to offer a high-touch, delightful experience to all our candidates. We will keep you updated and well-informed throughout the interview process so you’re never left guessing, and never think you’ve been ghosted. We can also offer interview suggestions and tips to help ease your nerves and get you ready for your interview!


Career Opportunities

We have successfully filled roles in the following functional areas:

  • Developers

  • Product

  • Sales

  • Technical Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Success

  • Human Resources

  • General & Administrative

  • IT

Using Mobile Phones

Roles to Meet Your Career Goals

The Attention You Need

We want to make sure that your next role aligns with your long-term career goals and objectives. Get in touch with us to let us know what type of work you’re looking for, what your qualifications are, and we’ll be sure to find the positions that interest you most. At Delson Tech, we want you to succeed and won’t quit until you do.

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