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Talent Services


Here at Delson Talent, we provide a full range of recruitment and talent services including full cycle talent acquisition and permanent placement, embedded recruitment, temporary placements, recruitment best practices training, interview plan development, Applicant Tracking System selection and implementation, and training and mentoring junior recruiters.


After working with you to understand your unique talent and hiring needs, we will create a detailed proposal and scope of work. Your open position requirements, company culture, and internal resource constraints will all be taken into consideration when determining which of our models would work best for you.

Recruiting Process Outsource

In this embedded model, we will set up your recruiting function from the ground up, while our recruiters also work to screen candidates, fill open roles, and project manage the entire recruitment process to ensure an exceptional candidate experience. We will align with your company values to ensure all candidates hired are culture adds, and can come on-site to train your hiring managers on recruitment best practices. Once the project is finished, we can hire a Talent Lead and Talent Team for your organization. Work here can include the following:

  • Recruitment branding and Glassdoor and AngelList ownership

  • Job description creation and Job postings

  • Interview plan creation

  • Behavioral interview rubric creation

  • Vendor selection, consolidation, and management

  • Screening candidates

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Project and Process Management

  • Offer negotiations

  • Reference checks

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