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For Hiring Teams: How to Save Time & Money by Working with an External Recruiting Firm

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

For Hiring Teams:

How to Save Time & Money by Working with an External Recruiting Firm

Sabrina Deltoro, Founder & Recruiting Director

Delson Talent Consulting

March 9, 2023

Updated Friday, March 17, 2023

As a hiring manager, finding the right candidate for your open role can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Add to the mix uncertain economic times, fluctuating headcount plans, and a position with niche qualifications, a hard-to-fill role can feel impossible to fill. While you could toil away digging for the right person, you might be wasting time looking in the wrong places, for the wrong backgrounds. Working with an agency recruiter can be a more efficient and effective way to fill tough roles quickly, which can save the business time and money in the long run.

Agency recruiters have a larger pool of candidates to choose from, some of whom they’ve placed before in other roles and stay in contact with for years. Here at Delson Talent, we have built a large network of professionals at every career stage in various industries, and our close relationships can be key when trying to convince the right candidate to make a switch if they aren’t actively looking for a new role, or they’re uncertain about a specific opportunity. Recruiting firms also have the technology and capacity to reach out to a number of folks quickly with targeted messaging. As any seasoned hiring manager knows, casting a wide net can be especially useful for roles requiring specific skills or experiences that are not commonly found, and particularly time consuming.

Another advantage of engaging an agency recruiter is our expertise in the recruitment process. Recruiters are trained to assess candidates' skills and qualifications quickly, and they can save a hiring manager time by pre-screening candidates before presenting them for consideration. As Recruiters, we also know what to look for to find candidates from non-traditional backgrounds, which can help widen the pool of people to choose from. We ensure that only the most qualified candidates are being considered, saving you and your interviewers precious time.

As Recruiters, we’re able to provide insights into market trends and compensation expectations. If you’ve given an offer to a candidate, only to hear their expectations are higher than the range you have approval for, you know the value of having up to date market trends at hand to negotiate with. There’s nothing worse than spending dozens of hours finding, vetting, and interviewing a candidate only to go back to the beginning after the candidate declines your offer. Hard-to-fill roles often require specialized skills or years of experience that may merit a higher salary, and agency expertise in market trends can be especially useful for ensuring you get the headcount budget right the first time. We can help price out compensation industry standards for different levels of experience so you can decide what’s best for your team and budget at the same time. By working with an agency recruiter, you can gain a better understanding of the competitive market landscape so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Everyone knows that time is money, and scheduling can be a huge time suck. Agencies can handle all the administrative aspects of the recruitment process, so you can focus on the “who” not the “when” and “where”. We use top of the line tools to identify the right talent pool, schedule interviews, and keep candidates warm while your team assesses who to make an offer to. We even follow up with the candidate along the way, ensuring everyone is on the same page. By outsourcing these tasks to an agency recruiter, you can focus on managing your team, and building for the future. Additionally, given the current market uncertainty, your company may have either laid off your recruiting team, or is unable to open a full-time Recruiter role within your organization. Agency Recruiters can flex in for the short-term instead of waiting for your company to hire a recruiting team again!

If you’re new to being a hiring manager, think of the hours you’ve spent trying to find a time for a group, any group (your family, book club, a lunch with college friends), to meet for 30-45 minutes and then multiply that by every stage of your interview process and every candidate you move forward with! We are also able to negotiate more closely with candidates, resulting in higher job satisfaction and tenure, which can ultimately save the company money in the long run.

If you have been hesitant to engage an agency recruiter, reach out to see if it’s a mutual fit. We can help fill hard-to-fill roles more efficiently and effectively to find the right person for the role. Lean on our expertise so you can work smarter, not harder!

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